Sanders probably had the most raw votes but the DNC won’t release Iowa voting numbers

Bernie Sanders Iowa

The raw vote in Iowa for Democrats is always murky. The party rather than the state runs the caucus there, so their rules are pretty darn strange. Public shaming, strange deal-making, and coin toss decisions mark the most absurd political event of an election year. The Democratic caucus in Iowa is silly.

One of the worst parts about it all is that the numbers are rarely released and often not correct when it comes to raw votes. There have been times when tallies were done while the delegates were divided up, but it usually isn’t as close as it is this year so nobody seems to mind. It’s for this reason that there’s a chance, perhaps even a likelihood, that Bernie Sanders had more people than Hillary Clinton who would have voted for him if there was a sane caucus or primary style used by the Iowa Democratic Party.

Those are the rules, though. Some stand here, others stand there, and chaos ensues. Entry polling indicated a tight race that edged towards Sanders, but we’ll never see the actual numbers.

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