Despite preparation, 9 dead in biker brawl

In Waco, TX, local and state police had been watching local biker gangs for the last month but were unable to stop a fight that left nine people dead. The incident occurred at the Twin Peaks restaurant inside and in the parking lot with guns, knives, and chains used in the brutality.

Law enforcement claims that they had been working with ownership at the restaurant for a month to try to prevent something like this from happening, but the ownership wanted the level of business that the bikers brought to the establishment. Finger pointing has been very heavy now that the situation turned deadly.

The establishment is popular amongst bikers. It is known for greasy food, cold beer, and waitresses in short shorts and “shirts” that are more like bikini tops.

According to CNN:

“There were at least three rival gang groups here this morning for whatever reason. As they were here, we had officers on scene. We expected issues,” said Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, a police spokesman.

The fight broke out at Twin Peaks restaurant and spilled into the parking lot. It quickly escalated from hands and feet, as weapons, to gunfire, Swanton said.

He expressed anger at the management of Twin Peaks, which he claims has been less than helpful in dealing with gangs in the past. He declined to identify the specific groups involved in Sunday’s shooting.

“Are we frustrated? Sure. Because we feel like there may have been more that could have been done by a business to prevent this,” Swanton said.

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