DefSec says air strikes alone won’t work against Islamic State

Ashton Carter ISIS

In case you haven’t been watching the progress being made by the Islamic State, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter decided to alert everyone that air strikes are not going to be enough to slow down the Islamic State, let alone stop them, let alone annihilate them.

None of that is really news, of course. What is news is the conspicuous timing of his declaration. Is the President preparing citizens to willingly accept more boots on the ground to fight ISIS? Yes, that is most likely the case.

The Nobel Prize winner doesn’t want to fight the Islamic State. It’s not that he supports them as many conspiracy theories say. He simply doesn’t want to be the one to go deeper into war in the Middle East, something that he’s held as an important part of his legacy. Unfortunately for him as well as the soldiers who will be put into harm’s way, chances are strong that he’ll need to get the United States more involved before it’s too late.

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