Confirmed: Bomb brought down Russian passenger jet

Russian Passenger Jet

The Islamic State took credit for taking down the Russian passenger jet over Egypt that killed 224 people over two weeks ago. That claim was up in the air ever since, but now Russian officials have confirmed that it was indeed a bomb that brought the plane down over the Sinai Peninsula.

United States and British intelligence have claimed near certainty that it was a bomb that took down the jet, but since the Russians had their hands on the wreckage, only they could confirm with a certainty.

Alexander Bortnikov from the Russian Federal Security Service said “an improvised explosive device” using a couple of pounds of TNT was the likely source of the explosion. “The plane disintegrated in midair, which explains the widely scattered fuselage pieces.”

In an effort to bring to justice those who perpetrated the act, Russia has offered an unprecedented $50 million for information that leads to arrests. That’s twice as much money offered by the FBI for information leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

The attack was claimed to be a response by an Islamic State affiliate for Russia’s involvement in Syria. President Vladimir Putin said, “Our military work in Syria must not only be continued, but strengthened so that criminals understand that punishment is inevitable.”

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