Clashes break out in Hong Kong between protestors and counter-protesters

Pro-democracy protestors occupying one of the most crowded areas of Hong Kong came under attack earlier today from people seeking to break apart the sit-in. The group began tearing down tents, and have been described by demonstrators as pro-government gangs.

The protests started as a sizable student rally, but have since grown into a massive protests. However, the movement has come under increasing strain from external blows and internal discord and exhaustion. Some were afraid that the demonstration was close to unravelling, and the two student groups and the pro-democracy movement that are supporting the protests have issued a warning that they could call off proposed negotiations with the government.

“If the government does not immediately prevent the organized attacks on supporters of the Occupy movement, the students will call off dialogue on political reform with the government,” they said in a statement.

Even before heavy rains began pouring over Hong Kong, many protestor sit-ins on major roads began to shrink as the city returned to work following a two-day holiday. In the Mong Kok neighborhood, a hive of shops, apartment blocks, and hotels that make up one the most densely populated areas in the world, violent skirmishes broke out between protestors and men who tried to cleat them away.

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