Cinco de Mayo Moved to May 4th, Leap Year Blamed

Cinco de Mayo

A glitch in the leap year algorithm has forced Cinco de Mayo to be moved to the 4th of May in 2008 instead of its traditional May 5th home, a spokeperson for the White House announced Monday.

An emergency call center has been commissioned by the Senate to alert bars, restaurants, and cantinas across the nation.  All establishments must be contacted before May 3rd to allow time for changes in drink specials and Piñata placement.  This multi-lingual task force is working around the clock to get the word out.

“So far, the response has not been good,” said Leslie Espinoza, chief coordinator assigned to the task.  “We’ve had a lot of hang-ups and derogatory remarks made to our volunteers.”

Cinco de MayoResearches at Northwestern University have isolated the cause to a glitch in the calendar algorithm associated with leap years.

According to Paul Galles, spokesperson for the team and Dean of Computer Sciences, “It’s very much like Y2K.  The algorithm was designed to accomodate 365 days a year.  To be honest, we’re not sure how Cinco de Mayo even happened in 2004.”

The algorithm was created in 2001 through an Executive Order of President Bush.  In a statement, the Bush administration blamed al Qaeda and Al Gore for the problem.

From the statement:

“After our mishandling of previous disasters, we intend to make this one right.  Once the immediate issues are corrected, we intend to fix the problem permanently before the 4th of July.”

A press conference is scheduled for May 3rd to detail the effectiveness of the task force and to offer contingency plans for those who were not able to get the original message.  Police, fire departments, and hospitals will be put on alert for the entire weekend.

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