Chevrolet’s Dominance in Movies


The US movie industry has fascinated the whole world since the dawn of the twentieth century and what’s interesting about Hollywood films is that they tell our story. Some movies depict real-life events while others are completely fictitious. Sometimes writers and directors want to tell a story of a particular thing or a fixation on a person or thing.

There are probably dozens of Hollywood movies that celebrate man’s obsession with the beauty of machines – the product of their handy work. Cars in the movies, in particular, can get your adrenaline pumping to over 10,000 parts per million and will even make you want to drive one too!

Why Chevy Cars are Famous in American Movies

Well, the reason is simple actually and it’s because American movies will naturally market American-made vehicles and not imported cars of course. But more than the burning patriotism of film makers, it is the overall design and performance of Chevrolet cars that make them easily pick it from among the many brands out there.

Take for example the Chevy 210 which has been featured in films such as American Graffiti and Two-Lane Blacktop back in 1955. They were the top consumers’ choice in those days and they do possess certain aesthetics and craftsmanship for a car in those days.

Another example is the Chevy Corvette which was recently featured in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand (2013) as well as numerous other films spanning four decades of movie making in Hollywood. But the beloved of movie goers these days is the Chevrolette Camaro which the Autobot Bumblebee copied in order to conceal himself in Michael Bay’s Transformers.”

There is no person on Earth who wouldn’t recognize the yellow paint and black racing stripes on the Camaro.

Trucks, Crossovers and SUVs

In every film in Hollywood you would not miss the Chevy Suburban every time the film features vehicles from the federal government, police or a VIP convoy. It is the perfect vehicle to represent the rich and/or powerful passengers in them and they’re excellent for car crashing scenes. Their sheer size, weight and momentum guarantees the whole movie set to be destroyed and even spark explosions all over!

A perfect finale for any action film. The Chevy Express, although seemingly insignificant were actually featured in movies such as The Cable Guy and The Italian Job.” Pretty much Chevy cars are the Hollywood darlings next to Dodge and Ford.

Need for Speed and Fast & Furious Movies

The star studded Fast and Furious films also sport several Chevrolet cars such as the Chevy Corvette Stingray Grand Sport, Camaro, Monte Carlo and the Chevy Chevelle SS. While no Chevy cars were featured in the Need for Speed movie, the Camaro and the Corvette have been featured many times in the video games of the same franchise.

If the movie will click perhaps we will see Chevy’s performance cars in the sequels; until then, we’ll have to wait and see what Hollywood will feature next.

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