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Russia is bringing its “Nuke Trains” back to life

Even though the Cold War has been over for more than two decades, the threat of a nuclear attack remains an ubiquitous one. There are times when we can forget that the United States and Russia both

North Korea calls Obama a “monkey” and blames him for The Interview

The recent Sony Pictures hack has been one of the hottest topics on the news over the past few weeks, particularly in the United States. From the controversy surround the release of The Interview, to the numerous

Islamic militants seize two key military bases in Syria

A group of Islamic militants with links to al-Qaeda have managed to deal a major blow to the al-Assad regime in Syria after they seized two important military bases within a few hours of each other on

Police have cleared out one of Hong Kong’s last protest sites

A few days have passed since police in Hong Kong cleared the streets around the city’s government headquarters of nearly all pro-democracy protesters. Since then, the movement has quickly began to fizzle away, so much so that

Chlorine gas “attack” forces evacuation of thousands of furries

A hotel in Chicago that was serving as the venue for Midwest Furfest, a convention for furries, was with a chlorine gas leak that left 19 of the guests in the hospital. Several thousand people were evacuated

Police in Germany are testing a crime-prediction system

The spirit of Minority Report is alive and well inside the police of Berlin, who recently announced that they’re considering deploying advanced software that’s able to predict crime, according to the Daily Mail. The police have even

China promises to stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners

China’s organ donation committee has announced that the country will begin the process of ending its exceptionally controversial program of harvesting organs from executed prisoners for transplants starting in 2015, according to the National Post, a move

New report details numerous safety breaches in British labs

An investigation by The Guardian has revealed dozens of serious safety lapses in government, university, and hospital laboratories in the United Kingdom that handled deadly pathogens. Over the past five years, there were 70 incidents that were

Terrorists in Afghanistan turn a bird into DIY suicide bombing drone

Authorities in Afghanistan have discovered what they called a “do-it-yourself drone” that was supposedly made by the Taliban, according to Gizmodo.  What they mean by this is that somebody equipped a bird, no bigger than an eagle,

Pro-democracy student protesters begin hunger strike in Hong Kong

Joshua Wong, an 18-year-old student in Hong Kong that has risen to become one of the faces of the city’s recent pro-democracy movement, has announced that he and two female members of his Scholarism student group will