Light yourself on fire, all the cool kids are doing it

Light yourself on fire, all the cool kids are doing it

The obsession that so many people have with being famous on social media is starting to get ridiculous. Whether it be “planking” on random objects or “coning” at fast-food joints, the things these people will do to get a bunch of views on Vine or YouTube are almost baffling in their stupidity. The latest “trend”, however, puts all of the others to shame.

People are now lighting themselves on fire in order to get popular on the internet. No, seriously. If you search up the #FireChallenge hashtag on Vine or Twitter you’ll be rewarded with a horrendous look at what this trend entails. These kids aren’t waving their hand over a candle, they’re dousing themselves in butane and blazing up like the Human Torch.

This isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s been getting a lot more popular recently, especially after a 15-year-old in Lexington, Kentucky suffered second-degree burns on his torso after having lit himself on fire. The teen remarked that most of the people posting these videos fail to mention what happens when the flames get put out.

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Japanese schoolgirl murders and dismembers her friend

Japanese schoolgirl murders and dismembers her friend

A 15-year-old school girl in Japan was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of murdering one of her friends and fellow classmates and then dismembering the body.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, admitted to beating her friend, strangling her, and severing her head and left hand, according to local news agency reports on Sunday.

The girl allegedly beat her 15-year-old friend, Aiwa Matsuo, in the head with a metal instrument before strangling her to death in the city of Sasebo, in Nagasaki Prefecture, south-west Japan.

The victim’s body was eventually found in the suspect’s apartment on her bed on Sunday morning and investigators quickly discovered the murder tools nearby.

Matsuo had reportedly went out to meet friends on Saturday afternoon, but was eventually reported missing by her parents when she failed to return later that night.

The suspect, who graduated from the same high school as the victim and lived away from her parents, claims to have acted alone.

While violent crime is still relatively rare in Japan, this isn’t even the first time that the city of Sasebo has made headlines when one schoolgirl has murdered another.

Chevy Pushes the Cruze Through Worldwide Hatred of Music

Chevy Cruze Worldwide

Every person has music that bugs them. It’s always made worse by a loved one singing to the music obnoxiously in the closed compartment of a car.

Chevrolet is playing on this notion with their new ad, but it doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. Yes, it’s annoying, and as viewers we start getting annoyed. It highlights the ability to change the channel on the radio, something that isn’t exactly unique.

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Business Insider’s Henry Blodget Gets Bathroom Attendants Fired

Balthazar Restaurant

It was bizarre enough that Business Insider’s man at the top Henry Blodget wrote a post about the terrible experience he had having a bathroom attendant at Balthazar Restaurant watch him use the bathroom and turn the water on for him. He article, aptly titled “Now Let’s Discuss The Awful Restaurant Practice Of Having Bathroom Attendants Who Watch You Pee…” is a piece of journalism that can be easily expected from a guy that really likes to hear himself speak about unimportant issues.

Unfortunately, the restaurant owner tended to either agree with Blodget or use this as an opportunity to get exposure for his restaurant. Either way, the job of bathroom attendant will soon be no more at the restaurant. When you’re done experiencing your $20.50 brioche french toast, you’ll have to turn on your own faucet in the restroom.

Here’s what FirstWeFeast had to say about Blodget:

For the uninitiated: Previous screeds by Blodget have included a 32-page slideshow about the modest and existential pains of stunting in Lufthansa business class seats; dollar-store philosophizing about the origins of antisemitism (“Why Do People Hate Jews?“); and a look at the daring, revolutionary act that is buying a newspaper. Seriously.

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Nazi Painting Stash Discovered

World War II

There’s a movie coming out called The Monuments Men starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Cate Blanchett. It circles around a World War II platoon sent in to recover important works of art before the Germans could destroy them. As it turns out, the Germans didn’t destroy them all. 1500 of them were just discovered.

The artists included Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Estimates put the value of the art stash at $1.5 billion.

They were actually found two years ago in the Munich apartment of an 80-year-old man but they did not reveal the find until today.

Here’s the trailer for The Monuments Men

According to SMH:

The art once belonged to Jewish collectors, who were forced to sell it for a pittance before the Holocaust, or it was confiscated by Nazi censors from galleries because it was allegedly “degenerate”.

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Did Jack the Ripper Really Exist?


Jack the Ripper Didn't Exist

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time is the tale of Jack the Ripper. Very little is known about the man who perpetrated a reign of terror over the streets of London in the late 19th century. One thing that might be know, at least today, is that he may have never existed.

If you believe the research and analysis of Trevor Marriott, the story of Jack the Ripper was contrived in order for a struggling journalist at the time to get a big scoop. That’s it. The data and conclusions have not been independently scrutinized because Marriott’s investigation isn’t for the sake of forensic science, history, or even lore. It’s for a show. Jack the Ripper: A 21st Century Investigation is currently touring theatres across the United Kingdom.

According to Digital Journal:

Marriott says the image of Jack the Ripper as an upper class gentleman stalking the alleyways of Whitechapel at night was definitely an illusion, as a person of such means wouldn’t last five minutes in such a bad area.

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Edible Desert Cups

The only thing better than having a good desert is to put that desert in an edible desert cup!

Proof of a Crumbling Society: Justin Bieber Gets a Haircut. The National Post Investigates. A Lot.

I hope it’s a spoof. I really do. I hope that someone dared the author to commission an infographic about Justin Bieber’s haircut. The last sentence in the two-sentence story-section says, “The Post investigates.” That leads me to believe that it is indeed a spoof, but the graphic took a decent amount of investigation, thought, and artwork to design. Too much for a Bieber haircut story.

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Texas Summer of Hell: Satellite Proof

For those who believe that there’s nothing supernatural about the intense heat wave that has hit Texas this summer, look no further than the images below taken on July 15th, 2009.

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