Car Tech Happening Right Now

Car Tech Happening Right Now

It is amazing what cars can do these days.  I remember when Knight Rider premiered and I thought we’d never see a car that had even a quarter of the capabilities that Kit had.  While we’re not riding around with our cars speaking to us, things are heating up when it comes to the technology that is available in cars today.  Each year, technology progresses at an impressive rate and makes our driving experiences more simplistic and enjoyable, while also keeping us safer and more aware of our surroundings.  With this combination of features, car tech is being perfected to new levels every single year.

When you look back on what cars used to be, it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come.  Not only are technological advances making our driving experience that much better, but now are car manufacturers are finding new ways to help us out.  The latest tech is revolutionizing the drive in nearly every trim level and price range.  There’s healthy competition between the manufacturers to keep their cars up to date with the freshest tech, and there doesn’t seem to be any finish line in place, as the race is never-ending.

Hyundai’s Instructional App

Auto-giant Hyundai has been making strides to retain their incredible reputation for many years, by offering impressive vehicles, a fantastic warranty, and more standard features than other brands. However, their latest innovation is an app that can walk novice owners through how-to videos on how to change the oil, check their fluids, and other maintenance tasks that most people are paying professionals to perform.  With this app, Hyundai is allowing their owners to take a more hands-on approach to their vehicles, thus putting the control back in the right hands.  The best news yet?  The Hyundai instructional app will be free for current owners of models 2015 and newer.

Chrysler’s Kid-Friendly Innovation

Most parents know that the worst part of a road trip with children is the never-ending stream of questions pondering whether or not you’ve arrived at your destination. However, Chrysler’s new Pacifica will be revolutionizing the family road trip with an impressive application that allows parents to program their destination into the app, and it will offer kids the answers to their incessant questioning.  Using an animated system, the arrival time will pop up and let kids know exactly when you’re supposed to get there.  That’s right parents; no more asking if we’re there yet!

Pedestrian Friendly Protocols

In an increasing amount of urban areas, pedestrians have the right of way when we’re driving down the street. There are sometimes several stop and go spots on a small stretch of road where we must wait for pedestrians to cross in front of us.  Infiniti is simplifying this system with Forward Emergency Braking, which is especially helpful for busy mornings in pedestrian-heavy areas.  We can’t always be at our optimum level of awareness, and this system allows us to stop our cars in the event that someone crossing in front of our cars escapes our attention.

Pumping Up the Volume

The return of Honda’s Ridgeline is already pretty big news, given their lengthy departure from the automotive sector, so all of the technology contained within is exciting. Speaking of exciting, the Ridgeline will be outfitted with several exciters in the bed that can enhance the sound from the main stereo.  This is a definite plus for fans of tailgating and other truck-centric activities.  This is a first in the truck market, and the tailgate crowd is about to change their way of life with this premium sound addition.

Ford Kicks Up Autonomous Driving

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve heard about the self-driving car. There have been several tests conducted by nearly every brand that wishes to break into the field, and nearly all of them require lane markings to control their drive.  However, more recently Ford has demonstrated that they don’t need any lane markings for their cars to drive themselves.  They use a complex combination of lasers and sensors to map the area and still function without the necessity for road markings.

There are not only increasing technology demands, but there are also new releases on a regular basis.  These five new technologies are only a handful of what the automotive industry has to offer, and things are getting better every day.  Each year promises a revolutionary technological breakthrough that cars are crying out for.  What we have today will only be better tomorrow, and by 2017, who knows what these manufacturers will cook up?

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