Brian Williams may still have a job at NBC… somewhere

It’s hard to truly appreciate the incredible fall from grace for Brian Williams. One moment, he’s the most popular man on daily evening television. The next minute, he’s the butt end of jokes and his greatest strength – credibility – is completely wiped away. One would think that NBC would be forced to be completely done with Williams, but it appears they’re going to try to keep him in some way.

The simple fact that there are negotiations happening says two things about society: people of power have a way of retaining it despite disgrace and the media believes that our memories are short. The sad fact is that it’s likely true. In a new role with NBC, Williams will likely be accepted by both the general public as well as his company.

Here’s how it’s panning out, according to CNN:

A gradual return to NBC is one scenario suggested by sources close to Williams. After a thorough explanation and apology for past embellishments, he could file news reports and regain viewers’ trust.

Or he could exit the network altogether — a scenario that some people continue to believe is quite likely.

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