To Boldly Blog Where Many Have Blogged Before

Boldly BlogIn the short life of this blog, it has received quite a bit of attention both negative and positive. One of the stories in particular about McCain Fanning the Obama-Clinton Flames has received comments on it as well on Digg and Propeller that are not complimentary.  It has been called names, bashed, yadayadayada.  It’s awesome!

Bloggers are in many ways amateur journalists.  I have written columns for print publications in the past and I prefer the editorial license allowed in blogs.  Why?  Because you can be more bold on the Internet than you can in a newspaper or a magazine.

The article in question speculates that there may be people in the McCain campaign who are intentionally doing whatever they can to help keep Hillary Clinton in the race so she can launch attacks on Barack Obama.  This is a reasonable specualtion and is probably, to some extent, true.  If done properly, McCain can only gain from a longer fight.

The attacks have been in addressing this opinion piece as one that does not offer an proof.  My retort: “If everything on the Internet needed proof, there would be about 1/3rd of the blogs that there are today.”

Blog boldly.  People will bash.  Don’t be afraid to share a controversial opinion or ask an odd question just because people will bash your point of view.  The true beauty of the Internet is that it allows everyday people to ask controversial questions and get outlandish responses in return.  That’s part of what makes it fun and informative.  It’s a blog, a place for people to speak freely.

Write for your audience.  Write for yourself.  Write what you want.  As long as nobody gets hurt, it’s all good.  No harm, no foul.

* * *

This, for those who don’t know, is my blog.  Enjoy it, bash it, ignore it — whatever fits your needs.

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