Big endorsement press conference for Trump by 100 black pastors canceled when endorsements didn’t materialize

Donald Trump Endorsement

Last week, big news came from Donald Trump’s campaign when they scheduled a press conference for today to announce the endorsement by over 100 black pastors and religious leaders. That press conference was cancelled when it became clear that most of the attendees weren’t actually going to endorse him as expected.

According to several of the black pastors, they were invited to discuss Trump’s politics and his attacks on the black community, not to endorse him. This changed the narrative, which was originally that, “he’ll pick up the endorsement of a coalition of 100 African-American pastors and evangelical leaders Monday in New York City.”

While the campaign still expects to pick up some endorsements, they decided to make it a private event and rescind the invitations to the press.

The event is being claimed by the campaign as being a miscommunication by the event organizer.

Regardless of why the event was changed, the question remains as to whether Trump can pull in the necessary minority votes to win the general election if he’s able to win the GOP nomination.

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