Beware of donkeys in elephants’ clothing. They love playing the victim card.

Beware of Donkeys in Elephants' Clothing

It’s finally becoming clear to many that Donald Trump is a Democrat. He’s a donkey pretending to be an elephant. He’s a liberal holding on to the single conservative view against illegal immigration and waving it around as his calling card to prevent Republicans from seeing the truth that his other policy proposals are more aligned with Hillary Clinton’s (and at times Bernie Sanders’) than with other candidates for the GOP nomination.

It wasn’t his policies that started waking people up. He’s boldly pronounced most of his liberal policies without it affecting his status in the polls because so many have latched onto immigration that liberal concepts like affirmative action, progressive taxes, touchback amnesty, socialized medicine, and entitlement defense have slipped through the cracks.

The thing that is waking people up is that he’s starting to whine like a Democrat. The way that he’s been going after George W. Bush, Ted Cruz, the RNC, and even Antonin Scalia before his death points to more than liberal ideologies. They point to a Democratic worldview. He’s sounding more and more like the Democrats he claims to oppose even after calling out his “enemies” like Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi as people he can’t wait to work with if elected.

Trump finally started playing the victim card. It’s a natural tendency for Democrats to whine about everything being unfair. Even someone as “strong” as Trump can’t help but play the liberal victim card when he feels pressured.

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