Before rendering posthumous praise, Trump piled on Scalia by supporting affirmative action

Antonin Scalia Donald Trump

Now that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died, Donald Trump has joined the chorus of praise for the conservative juggernaut. That wasn’t what he said two months ago when he “piled on” Scalia’s righteous criticism of the efficacy of affirmative action and racial preferences.

There is plenty of very firm data supporting Scalia’s questioning of affirmative action. It hasn’t yielded the desired results. Still, it’s one of the few liberal positions that Trump hasn’t allegedly changed; even today, he supports affirmative action. When his supporters are reminded of this, they are either shocked or unwilling to accept the truth.

As Powerline noted, “I had missed this story, but catching up with NR’s Bench Memos today I learned from Carrie Severino that Donald Trump joined in the criticism of Justice Scalia’s pertinent questioning during oral argument in the Fisher case.”

It was in these remarks as well as others that he’s floated recently that should make people question whether or not his tough stance on illegal immigration is simply a smokescreen to hide his support for racial preferences. While many call him a racist, he has a history of affirmative action as long as it helps him achieve his goals.

Trump’s criticisms of Scalia and support of affirmative action should make any Republican extremely fearful of what his Supreme Court appointees will support. He’s already tossed out his pro-abortion sister as a “phenomenal” choice. His appointees may be the worst thing about him as a GOP nominee.

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