Before he turned to trashing Ted Cruz, Donald Trump pretty much endorsed him

Donald Trump Endorses Ted Cruz

Politics can be dirty, especially when one drudges up old content that represents the distant past. Donald Trump has had to fight this himself when answering questions about his extremely liberal stances. He dismisses it as old news, as perspectives that have evolved. Would he say the same thing about his comments from a few months ago?

That’s the question that one must ask when considering what Trump used to say about his primary competitor, Ted Cruz. Granted, when he was making these comments, Cruz was lowest on his radar of people to attack because he was fourth or fifth in the polls and had done nothing to threaten the businessman. Now, Cruz is hot on his heels and leading in some polls, so Trump is on the attack.

He definitely wasn’t attacking before in this warm and gushing introduction of the Texas Senator. As a Super PAC supporting Cruz notes, he was singing a different tune when he didn’t feel threatened.

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