Atena Farghadani sentenced to 12 years in Iranian prison for drawing a cartoon of Parliament

Everyone is aware of how seriously the Iranian government takes pretty much everything. Practice other religions, go to jail. Speak out against Islam, go to jail. Draw a cartoon depicting parliament as animals, go to jail. In the case of Atena Farghadani, the cartoon she drew will cost her over 12 years.

As her family prepares an appeal, artist is likely being tortured. She talked about the torture she was receiving from Iranian guards when she was released temporarily. Now, she’s in solitary confinement. After a three week hunger strike that led to a heart attack, she was barely kept alive.

All of this is playing out because she drew a cartoon of parliament. Fox News relays the word about her incarcerations from Amnesty International:

Last August, Revolutionary Guards raided Farghadani’s home and blindfolded her, confiscated her personal belongings and imprisoned her, according to Amnesty International.

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