At least two terrorists who attacked Paris came as Syrian ‘refugees’

Terrorists Infiltrate Refugees

One of the greatest fears of those supporting the allowance of Middle East refugees into Europe, the United States, and other western countries has come to pass. French authorities have discovered that at least two of the eight attackers who killed and wounded hundreds in attacks on Paris came through under the guise of being oppressed Syrian refugees.

Fears have been high since the migrant crisis began. Stories were posted noting that so many of those fleeing the horrible conditions in Syria and throughout the Middle East were not the fragile women and children that were expected but were single young men. Conservative groups around the world have expressed distrust in the flood, noting that it would be very easy for the Islamic State or other radical Muslim groups to use this as an opportunity to infiltrate western countries and bring terror to their doorsteps. Now, it has happened.

The sad reality is that the only solution is a very difficult one. There truly is a crisis in the Middle East that requires assistance from the rest of the world. Legitimate refugees cannot be pushed away, but the risk of infiltration is now confirmed. The process needs to speed up and slow down at the same time. To accomplish this would be a monumental effort, one that would require billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people to coordinate and act decisively. To make matters worse it would have to happen immediately.

To maintain security while addressing the humanitarian issue, the equivalent of a new city would have to be built. This city would be the destination for refugees through which they would be able to start new lives. They wouldn’t have to stay there indefinitely, but they could not be allowed to go out into the rest of the world without very clear and credible proof that they were not radicalized Muslim terrorists, and that concept in itself is nearly impossible to make into a reality.

Most would look at this solution and think that it’s too far-fetched, too extreme to accomplish. They may be right. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many options when the fear of advancing terrorism and the need to address a crisis are opposing forces within every other attempted solution.

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