As Barry Diller demonstrates, Donald Trump’s opposition is stupid

Barry Diller on Donald Trump

It’s important to understand that I don’t support Donald Trump for President before understanding the argument, here. There are apparently millions of Americans who are falling for the snake oil that Trump’s selling, but it’s not his antics that are maintaining his popularity. It’s the silly attacks by those who hate him the most that are helping him to stay on top of the race.

Media executive Barry Diller has been fighting Trump for decades. They work in the same realms and they fight on the same turf. His attacks today made the top story on Drudge and was able to accomplish one thing in doing so: he just made Trump stronger.

These types of statements will not hurt Trump’s cause. They will enrage his current base and bring more people on board. One might believe that he did this on purpose. Before we get into conspiracy theories, let’s assume that the comment was not intended for primetime and that Diller didn’t anticipate one thing. Assuming he’s not trying to help Trump, then one would hope that he simply didn’t realize Drudge would run with it.

He did. Matt Drudge, clearly a Trumpbot, is savvy enough to realize that this type of statement from this type of person would only embolden Trump’s supporters. That’s why it’s at the top. That’s why it’s highlighted. That’s why this will go from a quote made in anger to a huge story in mainstream media. Drudge is one of the most powerful guiding forces about what other people discuss in the media and on blogs (heck, we’re writing about it) and he is aware of what this “news” will do for his chosen candidate.

Those who aren’t familiar with Drudge might believe that this is overblown. What they don’t realize is that Drudge isn’t just an influencer. He influences other influencers. That’s his real power in shaping the story.

The sad part is that there was a time when Drudge was a source for finding real news, not manufactured news with the sole intent of boosting his buddy’s campaign.

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