Apple “bit off more than it could chew” with Apple TV

Apple “bit off more than it could chew" with Apple TV

Apple has some grand plans for Apple TV, but they aren’t going well according to recent reports. According to Jessica Lessin and Amir Efrati of The Information, Apple has stalled its plans to revolutionize TV with a new version of its set-top box.

According to the report, Apple, the cable companies, and the content providers are all pointing fingers at each other over who is to blame for these delays. If Apple has any hope of enacting its revolutionary vision for the future of television, it needs to partner with both the cable companies and the content providers.

When it comes to licensing content to stream live or on demand, TV industry executives claim that “Apple has bit off more than it could chew”. A major source of concern for the executives was Comcast’s upcoming acquisition of Time Warner, something that would consolidate the pay TV landscape considerably. The merger might even have been what killed Apple’s TV plans, as it was rumored to be partnering with Time Warner for its new TV.

There is also the fact that companies like Comcast are worried that by partnering with Apple, they run the risk of having customers start associating Apple with TV delivery more than its cable partners. However, as more consumers “cut the cord” a partnership with Apple may be the cable industry’s best way to hold on to revenue.

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