The Most Anticipated Phones of 2016

The Most Anticipated Phones of 2016

Cell phones, for many people, are a way of life.   Think about it, are you one of those people that experiences a brief moment of panic if you can’t reach your cell phone when you first wake up in the morning?  Do you upgrade whenever you get the chance, sometimes paying full price for a new phone just so you don’t have to deal with the slow, antiquated technology?  Whether you’re a die-hard iPhone person or an Android fan, new cell phones are something to get excited about.

2016 is going to be a big year, regardless of what hasn’t yet happened.  We’re getting a new president, Kanye West may leave the country (fingers crossed), and Apple is set to release the next iPhone.  Each year brings about new changes in the technology sector, but cell phones are one of the most highly anticipated.  While there is a lot of stuff that is going to change this year, and things will happen both good and bad, rest assured, cell phones are definitely going to get better.  Here’s what on the horizon for 2016’s cell phone releases:

  1. Apple iPhone Mini – Also known as the iPhone 5Se or the iPhone 6C, this phone is set to drop in the middle of March and promises to be an updated version of what the 5 currently has to offer, but less than that of the 6 and 6s series. For the budget-minded iPhone fan that doesn’t need anything as big as the newer generations, the iPhone mini is enough tech without being too much.  Perfect for the new iPhone user to get used to, or just as a replacement for an older phone, the Mini is a first for Apple.
  2. Google Nexus 6 – Rumored to be arriving in stores in October, the Nexus 6 is the latest from Google and will be the first phone to feature Android’s newest operating system. It will feature a large screen, with its design tending more toward a tablet, than a phone. The phone is also set to be quite a bit faster, and more energy efficient.  With Google’s name behind the phone, you can be certain that the internet search process will be the most streamlined you’ve ever dealt with and your Gmail account will sync perfectly.
  3. Apple iPhone 7/7Plus – It’s always fun to wait for the new iPhone, as fans anticipate all of the new features the latest iOS (new emojis!!), the best camera upgrades, and other exciting features. Unfortunately for speculators, Apple plays their upgrades pretty close to the vest, but it does look like the headphone jack will be a big change. It looks like the 7 Plus will increase in screen size, without making the phone any larger than it already is Until September, it’s all guesswork.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 – If it feels like Samsung is taking over the electronics world, that’s because it probably is. From TVs to home appliances Samsung has really taken off over the past couple of years.  They’re also the makers of one of the most wildly popular cell-phone series in recent years.  As iPhone’s major competitor, the latest Galaxy is highly awaited.  Things are still being kept pretty mum, but they have confirmed that the MicroSD slot has returned, and the camera has been downgraded, yet still improved.
  5. LG G Flex 3 – A lot of people enjoyed the G Flex 2 quite a bit, as it featured a curved design, and had the ability to repair scratches on itself, so the G Flex 3 is going to be a big deal. The design is going to feature an even better design and will use metal in its construction.  LG has yet to officially confirm the arrival of their latest phone, but there are many rumors about an upgraded camera and storage space.

Looking back on cell phone technology is amazing to see how far it has come.  Whether you prefer a big screen phone or something that can easily slide into a pocket, you’re definitely in a specific camp when it comes to operating systems.  Whether you’re an avid iPhone fan or an Android loyalist, your next big phone is set to release this year, so prepare to call in a favor on your family plan with your upgrade!

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