Most Anticipated Movies For The Rest of The Year

Most Anticipated Movies For The Rest Of The Year

Each year in the United States, over a billion movie tickets are sold despite rising ticket prices and the exorbitant cost of concessions. Over twelve billion dollars are made each year as people crowd into packed theaters to see their favorite actors do their thing. It’s no wonder that movie studios spend so much money trying to make our entertainment noteworthy and that theaters spend money each year on upgraded seating, better sound systems, and more.
Supposedly, the summertime is when all the greatest films of our time are released. 2017 is proving to have a great deal of competition as the upcoming movies for the rest of this year are promising to be off the charts entertaining. What movies are on your radar?

These Should Be

Dunkirk – Take World War II battle, add in a blockbuster director, and finish with an amazing character actor and this film is going to be every bit as important as it looks. Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy star in this film that’s already inspiring Oscar buzz.
The Dark Tower – Stephen King fans are going to have an epic next couple of months, as two of his novels/series are being turned into films. The first to release is The Dark Tower… finally. Fans of the series have been waiting nearly forever for this one to hit the silver screen and with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey with starring roles it just may live up to its hype.
IT – Horror fans and Stephen King readers have been waiting for years for this movie to be done the right way. The miniseries of 1990 was admirable, for what it was. However, what it was is a made for television version of one the most terrifying novels ever written. Of course, everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if the portrayal of Pennywise is anything in comparison to that of Tim Curry’s incredible performance. This one is promising to pack theaters already.
American Made – Probably off somewhere licking his wounds over the critical reception of The Mummy, Tom Cruise is going to have to come out of hiding for his next film of 2017. Playing a real life drug runner, this film is promising to be along the same lines as Blow and The Wolf of Wall Street where we watch seemingly innocent characters become corrupt by a massive influx of money. This formula seems to be a tried and true recipe for box office success, so it’s doubtful that American Made will disappoint.
Blade Runner 2049 – Ryan Gosling headlines this futuristic continuation/reimagining of the 1982 classic. Harrison Ford will re-emerge to continue his role from the original film and Ryan Gosling will play against Jared Leto’s villain. It will make money, for sure, off of nostalgia alone but whether or not it’s going to reach the status of cinematic excellence remains to be seen.
Mother – Jennifer Lawrence takes the lead in the latest Darren Aronofsky feature and it promises to be a major psychological ride. However, that’s about all the buzz that’s happening right now. Synopsis’ are vague. Articles are thrifty with words when it comes to plot descriptions so this movie will likely be quite the success
Thor: Ragnarok – Thor. Need we say more?
Justice League – In a Marvel world, DC fights to stay relevant, but with the Justice League movie tagging along on the successful heels of Wonder Woman, it may actually do that. With a noticeably dark haired Aquaman rounding out the cast, they’re certainly going to cement interest for his feature film in a couple of months.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Coming December 15 to all of the people who’ve been waiting for this blog to mention this film, the newest Star Wars installment has the epic fan brigade waiting on the edge of their proverbial seats for it to come out.

Honorable Mentions

Jigsaw – The next in line in the Saw saga.
Bad Mom’s Christmas – The sequel to the surprise hit featuring the three members of the original cast.
Call Me By Your Name – A Sundance favorite that is bound to generate some controversy.
Mary Magdalene – Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix = serious acting.
Coco – Pixar’s latest centering around El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Pitch Perfect 3 – What is (hopefully) the final installment in this film franchise.
Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle – The movie that BETTER be as awesome as the Robin Williams version.
The Greatest Showman – Hugh Jackman portraying P.T. Barnum, one side of the famous circus creators.
It looks like the last half of this year is going to amount to an amazing time in the theaters. Which movie tops your list?

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