Android smartwatch helps you find your phone

It’s the little things that make gadgets effective. With the lukewarm reception for smartwatches making many ask what they’re really good for, a nice little feature could be enough to compel some Android users to consider one.

Find my phone, a feature added to the Android Wear device with the latest update, allows users to make their phone ring even if it’s on silent mode. This is great for those who let it slip between couch cushions, leave it in the restroom, or plop it down in the refrigerator for whatever reason. It’s not a breakthrough technology; every recent phone has had that capability for  some time. The thing that makes this different is that it’s on your wrist rather than through a website.

No need to get to a computer. You’re probably already wearing your watch. Unfortunately, if you misplace your watch, there’s no reverse way to find it… yet. ProTip: keep your watch on.

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