American dossier suggests Hitler was addicted to meth

Not only was Hitler arguably the most infamous dictator in history, he was also an avid user of methamphetamine, according to a new report which claims that, during World War II, he took methamphetamines for a variety of ailments, including the drug known as Pervitin, which was a precursor to crystal meth.

Heinrich Böll, who was conscripted into the Wehrmacht during World War II and later went on to win the Nobel Prize in literature, confirmed in letters that he wrote that numerous Nazi soldiers took Pervitin, which was known as an “alertness aid.” Berlin-based drug maker Temmler Werke began selling the drug in 1938, and British newspapers at the time reported that many soldiers were taking this “miracle drug.”

According to a wartime dossier that was compiled by United States military intelligence, Hitler also took this miracle drug. Supposedly, the dossier lists 74 different medications that Hitler took, including injections of Vitamultin, which contains methamphetamine, and Pervitin. In the dossier, Hitler is painted as a person who became increasingly dependent on drugs, meth in particular.

Read more about the story at The Washington Post.

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