Al Gore: Milking Non-Commitment for Everything It’s Got

Al GoreWhen Al Gore finally endorses a Presidential candidate, people will stop asking him who he’s endorsing. He knows this all too well. In the meantime, he will milk every interview for an opportunity to say he’s the “PR Man for the World” and continue to promote his mission of saving mother earth.

For those of you holding onto the hope that he’ll mount his steed and rush in to save the Democratic party, let it go. Al Gore will not run for President. That position is below him now. He’s tasted the Nobel glory, nibbled on the Oscar cheese, and he gets to do it all on his time and at his pace. The President of the United States is the leader of the free world. Al Gore has a loftier goal. He wants eternity, and he wants it world-wide.

He has a Global Warming Campaign launching, a 60 Minute interview, and he’s building an army 10 million strong. That was all yesterday. Over the months, he’s had powerful people working hard to get his endorsement. It won’t come. Not any time soon.

The attention while he still holds the endorsement card and the “will he run?” card is way to strong to let go. He is on a pedestal and he won’t come down until he’s taken everything he needs from it.

THIS IS NOT A BASH. He’s a genius at this game and he’s doing it for an incredibly good cause. I am merely pointing out that the skill with which he is wielding his weapons is akin to an ancient Samurai falling foes with a knowing grin on his face. The grin, in Al’s case, is that he knows the truth. Losing the election in 2000 was the best thing that could have happened to him on the “Eternity Scale”. If his plan works and people 100 years from now look back at the direction we are currently going, they will say “Al Gore made life possible today, almost single-handedly.”

Nobody outside of historians will remember Obama or McCain, but everyone will celebrate Al Gore Earth Day in 2108. That is, at least, his goal. Whether it will be a reality or not — time will tell. As far as an endorsement, Gore will NOT tell.

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