Afghan presidential rivals have agreed to a power-sharing deal

Afghan presidential rivals have agreed to a power-sharing deal

Following several months of political deadlock, Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has announced that he has accepted that his rival Ashraf Ghani should become the leader of Afghanistan. Mr. Abdullah’s spokesman said that both men have agreed to form a government of national unity with Mr. Ghani as the president and Mr. Abdullah as chief executive.

Both sides have accused the other of fraud following the nation’s election back in June, but a spokesman for Mr. Ghanu says that there is no longer any dispute between the two sides, saying: “Both camps have agreed 100% on everything and we’ll sign the deal tomorrow.”

The announcement comes shortly after a United Nations-monitored audit of all eight million ballots cast in a run-off vote back in June that had been disputed by both of the major candidates. The election was showcased by Afghanistan’s foreign backers as the first democratic transfer of power in the nation’s troubled history, but the drawn-out dispute ruined hopes for a smooth transition from the previous government.

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