ACLU changes California history by having cross removed from Los Angeles County seal

Los Angeles County Seal

US District Judge Christina Snyder ruled that the small cross on the official seal of Los Angeles County was unconstitutional, siding with liberal groups such as the ACLU and saying that it only allowed for a single religion to hold power, prestige, and the purse in the county. The problem is that this also changes the historical nature of the seal itself.

The cross is on top of the San Gabriel Mission in the seal is historically correct. The reason that it’s included is because Franciscan missionaries from Spain were among the first settlers and were influential in the establishment of this territory. Removing the cross is changing the historical significance of this event. It’s not because of outward expression of religious superiority that the county is attempting to push onto those who do not share in the Christian faith. It’s a matter of not neglecting the historical accuracy of the county’s origins.

Removing the cross isn’t a direct attack against religious liberties. However, it’s a precedent that can be used to wipe all religious symbolism from anything that is associated with the government such as the use of the words, “In God We Trust,” on our currency. This ruling will be appealed and rightfully so. If history isn’t immune to the anti-religious machinations of the ACLU and their liberal cronies, nothing will stand up in court.

There’s a battle being waged on all fronts against anything that’s associated with religion. It’s the small changes, those that are “not a big deal,” that represent bigger changes on their way in the near future if America doesn’t wake up to the liberalism that’s spreading.

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