When we first came up with the name and started testing it out, there were three interpretations of it, depending on your perspective:

Newsies – The good old helpful kids in old style newspapers.  For those who don’t remember, newspapers are the paper publications we used to use before the internet.

News Ease – News should be easy to get.

No Zzzz’s – For those who see the double-O in the name as a longer “o” sound, the idea is that this blog hopefully won’t put you to sleep.

Luckily, every interpretation worked well.

Our goal is to highlight the news that people need to see. Some of it will be news that you simply won’t see on mainstream media, but we’re not what most would consider to be an “alternative news” site. No conspiracy theories here. However, we do see plenty of stories that deserve mass attention but for whatever reason (ask the conspiracy theorists) they don’t get the press that they deserve.

Other stories will be opinions that cut through the rhetoric and generic talking points of well-publicized stories to get to the real heart of the matter.

Either way, we hope that you are informed and even occasionally entertained. Some of the news that doesn’t make it into our pages can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. They are also manually vetted – no feeds allowed. If a story is worth seeing but doesn’t require our input, we put them there for more exposure.

God Bless you!