A Chance at an Extremely Rare Item: McLaren F1

A chance at an extremely rare item: Mclaren F1.

The rarest items on the planet are those that we tend to admire most.  In some cases, we marvel at how the buildings of Europe have survived the scourge that has plagued the area with wars over the many centuries.  In other cases, we look at some of the rarest handmade items or discovered gems and wonder how it was found or made and just how they tend to survive when everything around them doesn’t.  Just the fact these items survive gives them an intrinsic value that is much higher than we might ever expect to pay for; well anything.

Such a rare item has found its way to the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Heritage division in the form of the McLaren F1.  This car has been long lauded for the beauty and precision that is developed and part of its entire makeup.  The one that MSA has for sale is chassis number 069 which is the 60th of its kind ever made and this car shows up with only 2,800 original miles on it.  Those two stats alone should be enough to let you know this is a rare car and to pique your interest, but there’s more.

This F1 is painted in carbon black and rides on 17-inch magnesium wheels while sporting a black and red leather interior.  While the look of the car is certainly admirable, the fact that this is a car that is powered by a 6.1-liter V12 engine that produces 627 horsepower is certainly worth whatever the price will be.  The F1 powertrain still holds the title as the fastest naturally aspirated production road car with a top speed that can reach 242 mph to be a car that you would want to have in your collection.

Currently, we don’t know what the price will be for this supercar as MSO has not revealed that number.  The expected price is told to be in line with the other models of this type that have been sold at other auctions in recent past.  Considering the low miles driven and the exceptional condition of the car there is no reason to think MSO won’t be able to ask for nearly any price the market will allow.  In a recent auction another of the McLaren F1 models sold for $13.75 million, which gives you an idea of how much MSO feels the will be able to receive for this rare beauty.

Because this car was originally personalized when sold there are some cool extras you would receive if you had the money to buy this car.  There is a fitted luggage set, a titanium Facom tool kit, the original books and literature and a limited edition McLaren F1 owner’s watch.  While those are excellent add-ons to the car, just the fact this is one of the rarest and fastest cars in the world makes it worth whatever price MSO can command for this car.  If you are seriously interested in this McLaren F1, you better have your checkbook ready and lots of zeros to put at the end of the number.

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