48 reported dead after civilian airplane crash in Iran

48 reported dead after civilian airplane crash in Iran

A civilian airliner in Iran crashed on Sunday shortly after it took off from the Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said that all of the passengers and crew had been killed in the crash and that their bodies were being transferred to the coroner’s office.

The plane was an Iran-140, a twin-engine turboprop plane based on the Ukrainian Antonov An-140 regional plane and is generally used for short domestic flights. These planes are assembled in Iran under license, and this particular plane was owned by Sepahan Airlines.

The plane was headed towards the eastern city of Tabas when it plummeted into the Azadi neighborhood, west of central Tehran, and just narrowly avoided a residential area for military families. This is just the latest in a series of airplane crashes that have plagued Iran in recent times, due in large part to aging machinery and poor maintenance.

All Iranian airlines are currently low on spare cash, and as a result, maintenance has suffered greatly. Sanctions from the United States are preventing Iran from updating its American-made aircraft and make it very difficult to acquire spare parts or airplanes from Europe. Because of this, the country has come to rely on Russian aircraft, several of which are Societ-era airplanes that are difficult to get parts for.

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