The New Hypothetical Breakfast Club Remake

We covered the Breakfast Club remake over five years ago. Things have changed. Here’s our revised preferred lineup that we would love to see in the roles. No, this time we’re not putting in Lindsay Lohan. That

HBO has released the second-ever Game of Thrones blooper reel

Game of Thrones certainly has its more humorous moments but overall the series is a brutal, tragedy-riddled blood bath that more often then not leaves you with a bad taste in your moth or feeling in your

The Secret Service is conducting drone tests over the capital

Remember that drone that crashed on the White House lawn a month ago and caused a bunch of fuss? Well, the Secret Service has now announced that it will be conducting its own drone exercises over the

Check out the trailer for Disney’s new Frozen short film

Disney’s Frozen has pretty much become the Minecraft of animated movies with legions of dedicated fans, young and old, that have essentially created a new subculture dedicated solely to this movie. Searching Frozen on Deviant Art or

George Lucas got close when talking to Mark Hamill about Episode 7… in 1983

George Lucas has enjoyed an extremely wide range of sentiments about his legacy. He is beloved for bringing Star Wars, the Indian Jones series, and other aspects of entertainment to a world that craves his imaginative flair.

Latest Netanyahu ad depicts ISIS asking directions to Jerusalem

As we approach the elections in Israel, things have been heating up on both sides. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political life and has invoked fear, particularly in the wake of recent news. The

How are people making millions by opening boxes of toys?

You know that feeling you get when you realize you picked the wrong line of work? Yeah, I get that feeling every time I see the ridiculous amounts of money that YouTubers make, oftentimes by doing nothing

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage of the next James Bond

James Bond can be anywhere from amazing to abysmal depending on which movies you watch but the last three films in the franchise, all of which starred Daniel Craig, have been some of the best James Bond

Hyundai makes crossovers attractive with the 2015 Tucson

The Tucson comes into the mix playing in the compact crossover SUV class which is loaded with great vehicles. Even with a ton of competition from the likes of the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape,

Obama asks the German people to give the NSA “the benefit of the doubt”

It’s no secret that revelations about the NSA’s international surveillance operations in Europe have severely damaged America’s reputation in the region, particularly in Germany. President Obama addressed this issue at a press conference that was held in